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Sugar Trails...

Happy Thursday Everyone!

As you can see, I haven't been very active on my blog posts AT ALL.  And it wasn't until recently when I realized WHY.  I created a 'sweetsukaina' blog and an Instagram after a lot of people were asking what I, personally was up to.  The reality is though, that SO much of my life, almost ALL of it, revolves around MACARON.  So when I'd want to post something BTS, or things I was working on, I felt quite conflicted on where to post.  Though, its me in the kitchen, I still felt like our MACARON followers would want to see it too.  So in an effort not to be redundant and have the same post on both pages, I just stopped posting :/

Last week, I had the opportunity to sit with Meredith Staggers, of Cake & Confetti (@cakeandconfetti) while on a fun photoshoot for @ponytalecaps (I'll be writing a post on this soon!).  If y'all don't know Meredith, you definitely need to check out her page.  With almost 45k followers, she is a creative genius! Her content is phenomenal and having her sit next to me, I was able to get some free 'consulting' (Thank you, Meredith!).  I was explaining to her the issue I had with my lack of content and how MACARON currently IS Sukaina, and she quite simply told me to stop dividing my following, and its okay for MACARON to be about me, my family, and the business.  You have no idea, how that simple shift in mindset, took a HUGE burden off my shoulders.  I suddenly felt like I wasn't bound by dividing up my life into MACARON, business, personal, etc.  So, for those of you who follow us on Insta, you've probably noticed more stories about my day to day activity, as much as MACARON.

So, I've officially consolidated 'MACARON' and 'sweetsukaina' into a new blog series called 'SUGAR TRAILS' (Thank you @ankitamin81 for your help brainstorming a name).  This blog series will include all things sweet (like me;)).  It'll have MACARON content, but also content that appeals to me.  I want to use this as a forum to exchange ideas, recipes, business development, and highlight other amazing businesses and people.

I don't have this all completely branded yet, but was excited to get started, so I can start posting more regularly!  

Remember to also follow @macaronbypatisse for our instastories and also, a peek into my daily happenings!

Much love and happiness your way!