It's January 29th! Why does today's date require an exclamation mark? Well, it's the same day, four years ago, that my brother Mohammed and I opened up our pastry shop, MACARON by Patisse.  

I suppose it would only be fitting then, to talk about these beginnings...

My life has always been blessed with much sweetness.  I have an amazing family to start.  I've had the opportunity to experience the sights, sounds, and tastes of places all over the world.  I have obtained higher education and have worked with the most talented and intelligent researchers and professors .  But such is life, that along with this sweetness, sometimes, we experience some pain and challenges.  And for me, the most challenging of obstacles began in 2008.  I lost myself in this whirlwind and transformed into a person I no longer recognized.   It was the love and support of my family, and friends, that helped me find myself again.  But while that journey was taking place, I found solitude, and calm, in my kitchen, during those sleepless nights.  I found myself meticulously weighing out eggs to the milligram, sifting ground nuts over and over again, and manipulating a variable at a time, to simply distract my racing mind.  In the end, however, this distraction, resulted in our very own pastry shop filled with gorgeous and delicious MACARONs.

This post would be boring though, if I showed you the end result.  I think you'll find amusement, as I do today, in the progression.  So here they first batch of MACARONs (by the way, these are still one of our most popular flavors in our shop; Hazelnut Nutella - they just look a whole lot better).

I know.  They really don't look like MACARONs.  But, I promise they were! And for those of you who have tried to make them, you know these little buggers are not easy to make.  Regardless, they tasted yum - probably because of the Nutella filling straight out of the jar.  Don't judge - the shells were hard and tedious to make alone.  I wasn't about to try creating a filling at 4am.

So, that's how it began.   Finding some sweetness in my troubles...which led to the beautiful things that continue to unfold in my life.  I'd love to hear about how struggles in your life may have resulted into the most beautiful of paths.  Feel free to share below.

And to end this post in a "pretty way" - our MACARONs today:)