This post is actually from quite a while back.  I had written this post when I had first started making macarons at home.  Spending endless hours trying to perfect them, your mind would often times travel to thoughts that had been buried by your subconscious, or at times, to thoughts that made you ponder.  One of these nights, I spent hours contemplating a question we have all thought about at one time or another, all while trying to match up my Hazelnut Nutella macarons..."is there such thing as the "perfect" match?"

So some baking background first: Each macaron is individually hand piped.  Once baked, we have to match them with eachother (as its rare, that all your shells will end up being exactly the same size, irrespective of how many you've piped in the past) before filling them.

Matched up macarons filled with Nutella

Matched up macarons filled with Nutella

As I was pairing them up, I made a few realizations:

1) The most obvious one, if any, was that there is definitely more than one macaron shell that matches up well to the other macaron shell. With a lot of practice, often times, many macaron shells can match the other.  Just as in life, I believe, there is more than one person that is "right" for you.  

2) Some shells are perfect in every way put together, while others when maybe rotated slightly to help become a better, more perfect fit.  Isn't that true to any relationship.  Its very rare to find that one partner that is "perfect" immediately.  For most of us however, a tweak here, and a tweak there, help us become better suited to someone else.  

3) Lastly, I found, the best fit was often times the macaron shell right next to it.  So, instead of looking across the tray to the other side of piped macarons, the one that often worked the best, was the one piped right beside it.  

How then does one decide who to "match up" with? 

Is there more than one person out there that could be the right fit for you? I mean, we all strive to find this "perfect" match, our soul-mate, our one and only, but is it possible, that there is more than one of those people around? And is it possible to make it the right fit, by simply re-aligning oneself, or re-positioning yourself (as we often do for macaron cookies, rotate them for the perfect fit)? Do we sometimes look too far for this perfect person, and often overlook the person that is right there in front of us? Are we looking too far for this "perfect" match? Is there, even such thing?

What are your thoughts on "the perfect match"?

I know this, perfect match or not, these Ferrero macarons taste yummy! ;)